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How to make any windows PC to greet(speak) on startup?

Hello readers, we all have wanted to do some extra and interesting using computer. We must explore and try to gain more access to our computer and make them do a lot of things. Thus, by making this thing our main objective, we've created this blog. Till today computers are not intelligent enough to recognize their master and greet automatically. Still computers are to be given some instructions to get the result. So, from the very beginning I want to let you know that this tutorial doesn't deal with any aspects of Artificial Intelligence. 'Computers  perform task only when we give information', I mentioned earlier so, many things may be roaming in your mind like, 'Am I going to say my computer, "Hey, greet me!" on the startup?'. No, nothing like this is to be done, your computer does it automatically. We are just instructing computer to speak a certain sentence whenever it starts. It is not so difficult if you you are a amateur computer user and are familiar with few computer tricks. If you are beginner then also I hope you won't have much problem to understand what we are going to do in the coming sentences. I hope you find this tutorial easy and qualitative.

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How To Make Text To Speech Converter Using QBASIC?

Hello there everybody, We have always supported QBASIC programming language and done most amusing things to take it to the next level. If you are the newbie to this language then please read this article: An Introduction To QBASIC Programming Language. . So far we have already known that QBASIC is one of the popular programming language but is one of the least used real world programming language. It is one of the easiest programming language and we can program only application level programs here. This is the programming language to start if you are the newbie to the programming world because the keywords are easy and the syntax is also not difficult to understand.

This programming language is so simple that you can never think of building some of the fabulous programs using it and here we are talking about the text to speech converter which seems so unbelievable, doesn't it? But the fact is that I've already created a Text To speech converter using Qbasic. You can download that program here: Text2Speech. (Just click on the link and you are done). Actually, we have used two programming language in this program. We have coded in QBASIC but actually programmed a VisualBasic program. You can find the code below:

This program is made up of just 15 lines but the out put of this code is pity amazing, isn't it? Before the explanation, I am assuming that you are quite familiar to the QBASIC programming language but doesn't matter weather you are familiar to VisualBasic or not. If you are not quite familiar to this programming language then you will find some difficulties in understanding this program. So, Let us start the line by line explanation of this code.

Line 1:

In the first line, we are just initializing the DO....LOOP which doesn't has any end by itself so we can say that this is a infinite loop. This helps in execution of the program several times. This program ever ends because of the do..loop.

line 2:

This line is just so simple, there is only one keyword 'CLS' you know this helps in clearing the screen. If this wasn't placed then, we could find the history of the typed words and the same lines of text would be printed after every time of execution.

Line 3, 4, 5, 6:

These lines uses same statement that is PRINT. And I've used to credit my company. The only statements with no strings after it are just used for blank lines.

Line 7:

In seventh line, there is the input and the data is saved in the string "speak$"

Line 8:

Here the main work starts. There is the use of OPEN statement with the supporting keyword OUTPUT and the file number is given as #1. The file named 'sound' is created with the extention '.vbs'. The '.vbs' extension refers to the VisualBasic file and which is the main program to be run. The output mode is used in creating a file and adding data to it.

Line 9, 10, 11:

In these lines, We can find the use of several keywords, all with the starting keyword 'PRINT #1'. This keyword is used to add the certain data in the file created in line 8. In the tenth line, we can find the use of CHR$() function. Actually, it is one of the Library function in QBASIC programming language that converts ASCII code into the string character. There is the use of this function as we cannot directly print the double-cot in QBASIC as it's character code is 34, CHR$(34) is used where we need the double-cot. Similarly, in the eleventh line, we are using the string variable "speak$" which was created in Line 7. This variable consists of the value that is to be sent to the visual basic program and is spoken by the computer.

Line 12:

In this line, there is the use of CLOSE # statement. CLOSE #1 is written because the file number is 1. This is closed because the file must be closed once it is opened. Here we could have used just CLOSE statement but the CLOSE  #1 becomes more specific.

Line 13:

The SHELL statement is used in this line. What actually the shell statement does is that it links the program with the command prompt and we can also execute the command prompt. The only use of SHELL could have opened the console window but adding the string after that executes the command automatically.  The use of the file name opens that file name in the command prompt console window and the same happens in the program. The visual basic program we'd created in line 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Line 14: 

The KILL statement by the name, we can guess it's work. It is used for deleting an existing file. And we've deleted the file that was created because it hasn't any use afterwards.

Line 15: 

This is the end of the loop and the program as well. 

We've used a simple logic and programmed a text to speech program using the beginner's and simple language. If you have any suggestion for this program then please give us feedback and help us improve our articles and programs as well.
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5 Killer Ways To Make TP-LINK Router Unhackable.

If you are here, then you may be one of them who uses TP-LINK router in their LAN or an internet surfer who is in search of making their wireless connection secure. Or, you may have been troubled by your neighbor for stealing your Wi-Fi password. You are in the right place! here you will find some of the killer tricks on protecting your TP-LINK router from being hacked. This is the most popular router so far and most vulnerable from being hacked too (only if some of the precautions are not taken). Many people use this router and don't know how to protect their Wi-Fi from being hacked. Here you will know how to make your Wi-Fi connection secure as well because protecting your router from being hacked means to protect your wireless network too. 

Firstly, I want to briefly describe about what we are going to do to our router today. In this tutorial, first we will learn about how to make strong password and then we will learn something about WPS. After this I will teach you how to unable any other device from using your Wi-Fi using MAC filter in the WLAN connection. I will also teach you to make your Wi-Fi network invisible. You will be learning to change the username and password for logging to the router's webpage. Please do not worry if you find some new terms in above sentences because in the coming lines you will be dealing with them in detail. So, let's start our tutorial from the very beginning. 

Step 1: Create A Strong Password For Your WLAN

Creating a strong password for your wireless connection is easy and simple method to protect your router from being hacked. But there are some people who neglect this method and finally fall in trouble. I hope this type of thing won't happen with you. To create a strong password, you need to keep following things in your mind:

  • Avoid using the names and other words that could be guessed easily.
  • Do not use less than 8 characters and don't use more characters too, it will be difficult to remember.
  • The password must not be related to the username in any way, usually people enter the characters related to your SSID. Like, adding numbers in them.
  • Try not to repeat the characters in your password and make habit of using unique and special characters.
Now, let me give you an example of strong password. 

First think of a statement which you can easily remember like, "My cow kali gives 5 liter milk daily". Let's convert it into a strong password like "McKg5LmD".
Here I have used the first letter of each word in the statement in alternating case.

Now it's time for applying it in our router.

  1. Go to your browser and type "" in the address bar. 
  2. Some thing like this appears. The default username and password is 'admin' for both of them.

Now follow, the information in the pictures below.

Make sure that the encryption type is set to "TKIP/AES" and you have used the strong password as I have said in the text box below that. 

Step 2: Turn Your WPS Connection Off

"WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup and it is a wireless networking standard that tries to make connections between a router and wireless devices faster and easier. It works only for wireless networks that have WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal security." - Digital Citizens

You need to turn your WPS connection off because now a days people have developed the way to bypass this security measures using various programs developed by the penetrates all over the world. For this I want to describe using a picture.

I hope, you are familiar with this view. If not, then you may have bypassed the above steps. It is the cropped view of above image. Did you saw that i have underlined something there? You just need to set that radio button to No and you will prevent your router from using WPS connection setting.

Step 3: Lower Your Routers Transmitting Power

You can also prevent hackers from hacking your router by decreasing the transmitting power. What this does is that your router transmits your Wi-fi signal in small area. A lot of things happens from this. When the transmitting power of the router is less then the range of wireless signal is also limited in small area from which you can only use your WLAN within small area. This prevents hackers from hacking because, they cannot hack from distinct place as before. 

Follow the following information from picture to lower your router's transmitting power. 

Make sure that the transmitting power is set to low. The default value is High

Step 4: Limit Users For Your Router

You can also limit the devices that can connect to your WLAN. This can prevent an unknown device form connecting to your device. You can block certain devices or limit the devices which can only connect to your Wi-Fi. Doing so will prevent hackers from connecting to your WLAN even-though they know your password. For this we are going to use MAC filter. 

MAC means the Media Access Control or it is also known as the physical address of a device.

See the picture below on how to block certain devices.

Make sure that the radio button is set to Activated. And the Action is set to Deny Association. Now you need to put the MAC address of the devices that you don't want to use your WIFI. Now that device cannot connect to your device on entering the correct password also. You can only block 8 devices from using your connection. 

If you don't want your connection to be used other than you and your devices then there is another feature in this router. The change you need to do now is that to change the action into Allow Association just like the picture below: 

Now what you need to do is to add your own MAC address and after that no other devices will be able to use your wireless connection accept the devices whose MAC address is listed there. If you don't know on finding your MAC addresss then please follow the steps in this link.


Step 5: Hide Your SSIID

This is perhaps the last step you need to follow to make your router unhackable and is second most powerful way to prevent being hacked after MAC filter(fourth step). Here you will Hide your SSID (Your Wi-Fi name). On doing so, hackers need to decrypt your SSID too wich makes a long way and the time to decrypt increases on hiding your SSID. There is a simple step on how to hide your wireless network. Just follow the information in the picture below. 

Make sure that the radio button for Broadcast SSID is set to No

On performing the above steps please don't forget to click the save button at last which you can find at the bottom of the page. 

Hence, You are all done. Now your router is 100 percent safe and even professional hackers need to stretch their heads to hack the router. If you have any complain or suggestion for the post the please comment below. 

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7 Benefits Of Blogging Most Of Us Didn't Knew.

The term blogging is quite popular nowadays. people from small age groups start blogging. But unfortunately, they stop doing so thinking that it will not benefit them at all. For those people this is exactly the right post to be read. At the beginning, you can't get high traffic in your posts even though you have written qualitative posts. You will have to advertise for that. NO NO NO I am not saying you to go for signing to ad-words or any other advertising program. You just need to share your posts to Facebooktwittergoogle plus, StumbleUpon, etc, etc. Just a small hard work and you will be getting regular viewers in your blog. You just need to find correct viewers and target them your blog. But this advertising program will not work if you lack the qualitative posts or less interactive blog template.

The beginners like you think that you will not get any benefit from blogging just because you don't have enough page-views in your blog. But if you stop blogging then it will hamper your development in other fields such as creativeness, passion for blogging, vocabulary, etc. I just meant to say that you people must not just blog in order to get better page-views in your blog. Besides that, you must also try to analyze about the other development that is brought by blogging. In this post you will be finding how are you advantaged by the work you are doing. 

There are many advantages but for now I am writing some of the basic advantages that you can get while writing regular blog posts. 

1. Improves your creativeness.

Writing a blog is full of creativeness. You will need to create your own ideas to write a blog. You will need to decide what type of blog you are writing. When you write any post for your blog then you write with your own creative ideas which provides the plus point in your creativity. After you start posting in a regular basis then you will also have improved your creativeness and it helps you to find new ideas quickly. Suppose, you are going to write a story, or a poem. At that time, you need your creativity so If you are a professional blogger than new ideas pop up in your brain in no time. You can adjust your feeling and can relevantly write any stories just with a small focus as you have already gained a lot of creative power in yourself by blogging. So this can help you if you are trying to take your career in these types of creative fields.

2. Makes you popular in Social medias like Facebooktwittergoogle plus, etc. 

Professional bloggers are respected by their viewers. Viewers start praising your work once you have started building up your community. When you start writing qualitative posts and you have sufficient regular viewers then they start searching you in social medias. Nowadays, social medias are quite popular in internet and I think any internet user has access to them. They start following you in the social medias. They may also share your posts in their profile making your posts even more popular. When you are popular in the social medias then yours google ranking also rises. If you do even more effort than you and your posts may be praised by the reputed institutions. This helps you in getting job too as most of the companies are fond of employing a celebrity in their company. This also helps in making your future bright as you can get employed in a better company for job.

3. You can earn money by blogging.

Earning money is not an easy job in any field. Even in this field, it is not so simple. First you need to grow your audiences and if you are trying to setup for AdSense then you need to verify your AdSense account by google. The work doesn’t end here, you then need to make your viewers click on the ads and I think this is the most difficult jobs for the blogger as nobody wants their viewers to leave their blog and go to others’ blog. But if you love money then you should also be able to compromise on these things. Putting ads in your blog is not only the way to make money. If you have a popular blog then you can also start fan funding program or you can offer some paid content in your blog to make money.

4. Develops your vocabulary.

Blogging is all about writing. The more qualitative you write; more popular your blog becomes. When you are writing a blog’s post then you always don’t want to use simple and regular words. Sometimes you also want to use fascinating words in your content. When you do this in regular basis then slowly your vocabulary improves. You know new words that you can use in your daily life to show a better personality. You understand the use of difficult words and can relevantly use them in your daily life. This makes you confident with the words you are using. You can understand the top level books written by the world-famous personalities like Shakespeare.  

5. Your googling skill is improved. 

Writing a blog don’t come up with yourself automatically. You need a lot of dedication in you and find other reference items for more information on what you are writing. For that you need instant googling. You need to make Google your best friend. You must have the habit of googling even a small thing to remove the confusion in you. This is because the small mistake in your post can make a vast difference in the information you provide. So when you have the habit of googling frequently, you will also know the way to get
accurate results from google. Thus you will also have your googling skills uplifted If you don’t know what is meant by googling than it is the process of searching in google.

6. Help to get knowledge related to other subject matters. 

You may be writing posts related to different subject matters. This is one of the characteristic of human beings that no one is perfect. So you may not know all the essential matters about that particular topic. You then see the reference items to know about that subject matter. Likewise, you will always learn something new when you write the post related to new subject-matter. This is also the process of learning new thing that will make you up-to-date with the current situation of the world. You can also utilize that thing to improve your living style.  

 7. You will have fascinating writing skill.

As I’ve already mentioned, blogging is all about writing what you know. You need to influence the readers with the proper arrangement of your words and sentences. You should be able to make change in the thinking of the reader after they finish reading your post. At the beginning, no one van have such skill. You may have heard that proverb, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Yeah, you need to practice and practice then only you will be able to influence your readers. After you become a professional blogger, you will notice that you have been blessed by the fascinating writing skill due to your hard work and dedication. You will then easily attract more readers for your blog because of your writing skill.

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